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We do not believe that puppies or dogs are best served by being kennel raised. By placing them in a home environment that will be their forever home from the time they are puppies, or by placing as a young adult, we are doing our best to ensure their happiness and best start in life. We never have to kennel raise a dog when utilizing guardian homes.

The majority of guardian homes are families who cannot afford to purchase a Goldendoodle. There are others who simply like the idea of how our program works and want to be a part of it with us. For those who could not afford to purchase a Goldendoodle outright, the guardian home option is a fantastic way to have a beautiful Goldendoodle.  We benefit as a breeder because we do not need to have or utilize kennels. We do not have to care for more dogs than we are comfortable with or can manage easily in our own home. We know each dog has a forever home from the time they are young.


As a Guardian Home you will be required to pay for the everyday expenses of owning a puppy including annual exams, vaccines, food, etc. We will pay for all breeding related costs including health testing.  


Becoming a Guardian Home is not for everyone. Below is a list of some of the requirements.  You must be willing and able to follow these requirements:

  • Have previous experience with dogs.

  • Females live within 45 minutes of zip code 30518, Males must live within 15 minutes of 30518

  • You must own your home.

  • Have a fenced in yard.

  • Be willing to teach basic commands such as sit, stay, lay-down, and leave it.

  • Be willing to socialize puppies. This is very important!

  • Must maintain Pet Insurance on dog at all times.

  • Puppy must be an indoor pet and never left unattended outside.

  • Feed a premium, quality food.

  • All other dogs in the home must be fixed.

  • Provide regular exercise.

  • Willing to let us, the breeder, visit your home.

  • Contact Breeder immediately in the event of a serious illness or accident.

  • Send a copy of all vet visits to Breeder.

  • Must not allow he/she to mate with any unapproved dogs.

  • Provide veterinary care when needed.

  • If you have a female you must be willing to drop her off at least one week prior to whelping and leave her with us until puppies are weaned.

  • If you are a guardian for a female dog, you must be willing to drop her off for up to a week while she is bred. Then drop her back off 1 week prior to her whelping date. She will stay with us until the puppies are weaned.

  • If you are a guardian for a male dog, you must be willing to drop him off for 3-5 days for breedings unless arrangements are made ahead of time for us to pick him up.

  • Be able to communicate with us, the breeder, about scheduling testing, mating, whelping, and anything else breeding related.

Golden doodle association of North America
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