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Adoption Process

What To Expect.....

The adoption fee for our Goldendoodle puppies is $2,800.00 (effective as of 5/9/2021) and our Bernedoodle puppies are $3,800.00. Once you are ready to be placed on our reservations list we will accept a $500 non-refundable reservation fee.  The remainder is due in full when puppies are 6 weeks old.  Puppy picks are done at 6 weeks old.

All reservation fees are placed on the litter you request.  Each time we have a litter we start at the top of the list and go down the list for puppy pick in order of reservation received. We do our best to assist you in picking the right puppy for your family. You have the choice to move to the next litter if you prefer.  We can not guarantee pregnancy, timing of pregnancies, number of puppies born for each litter, gender or color.  Mother Nature is in charge of these things.  Breeder reserves the right to the first 2 puppy picks from each litter.  We also reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy/dog to any person at any time, for any reason.  All of our puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract.

​A bit about our program:


Our breeding program is centered around producing healthy, intelligent, structurally correct conformation, well-tempered dogs.   We do not operate a facility.  All of our puppies are raised in our home.  We actively socialize the puppies on a daily basis.  We do participate in early sensory development stimulation exercises with the puppies starting at day 3.  Here is a YouTube video of the exercises being completed on puppies:  Bio-Sensory Link.  We also raise our puppies using the Puppy Culture protocols.


The puppies go for their first well baby check up at week 6 where they are evaluated by our vet and fecal check done.  In efforts of keeping our puppies safe and minimize exposure to outside germs and bacteria’s we limit the visitations to the families on our reservations list.  


We have a very active household and have friends & family here as the puppies are being socialized.  Our puppies are very well socialized by children and adults.   The more we can expose our puppies to in a safe, clean environment the better the puppy/dog will be when you take them home.


If you like us on Facebook you will have the opportunity to get to know our dogs and will have access to the  most up to date information and puppy photos.



Puppy selection process:

Families will get to pick their puppy in the order of reservation fee received at approximately 6-7 weeks of age. 



All of our adult dogs are health and DNA tested and certified


All of our puppies are adopted at 8-9 weeks of age and have the following:

  • 1st round of immunizations 

  • De-wormings: 2,4,6 & 8 weeks of age

  • Fecal exam by vet at week 6

  • Micro-chipped

  • 30 day puppy insurance​

  • Trained using Puppy Culture protocols. Very well socialized and loved by small children and adults as well as other dogs that live with me. 

  • We start crate training at the age of 6 weeks.

  • We also start the potty training process at week three. When our puppies go home they are usually 80% potty trained for alfalfa pellets.  Which makes the next step in potty training

       supper easy.  I do highly recommend getting potty bells for the door and using

       potty bells it will make your life so much easier in the long run. 

We offer a two year health guarantee on all of our puppies. 

Guarantee Breeder Agrees:

1. Breeder guarantees that the puppy has had proper care to date and has been checked by a veterinarian. Puppy has received its first shots and has been de-wormed. Health records have been provided. It is advisable to take your new puppy to the vet immediately for a well baby exam. If within 72 hours of receiving the puppy and he/she is examined by a reputable veterinarian and the health of the puppy is found to be at serious risk of euthanasia or death due to a congenital defect (existing at birth), owner shall notify breeder and provide a written statement from a licensed vet describing puppies condition and shall return the puppy and papers to the breeder within three days of the examination. Breeder will replace puppy with next available puppy from another litter of similar quality or refund the full price of the puppy minus training fees. Providing puppy is in the same condition mentally and physically as when it was originally purchased. This does not include worms, fleas, mites, coccidiosis, giardia, or any other parasites, as they are common in dogs and puppies. This also does not include any bite issues or undescended testicles.  Breeder assumes no responsibility for veterinarian, shipping or training fees.

2. Breeder is not responsible if puppy contracts a communicable disease after leaving breeders possession.

3. Breeder guarantees puppy against any congenital defect causing death of or making necessary euthanasia until two years of age.

4. Breeder offers two-year hip and elbow guarantee on any puppy found to have moderate or severely affected hip or elbow dysplasia that is debilitating. The following applies: The puppy must have a new x-ray by your veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis and it must be documented by an official OFA preliminary consultation. Additionally, the buyer must adhere to proper protocol in puppy raising in regards to proper nutrition and proper amount of exercise and playtime. If buyer does not provide proper nutrition and over exercises their pup before the age of 2 hip and elbow warranties will be voided. As a breeder we’ve done everything we can do to ensure we are producing sound puppies with parents who have good genetics. As owners it’s your job to provide the best atmosphere to allow the hips to form properly.

5. Breeder offers two-year heart guarantee on any puppy found to have a severe heart murmur (grade 5/6 or 6/6). The following applies: The puppy must have a canine cardiologist perform an echogram to confirm the diagnosis.

6. Upon receipt of a letter to breeder from a reputable canine cardiologist stating that in his/her opinion this condition is congenital, puppy will be replaced by puppy of equal value at breeder’s earliest possibility. We reserve the right to have a second opinion from our canine cardiologist. We also reserve the right to acquire DNA to determine the dog or puppy as one of our lineages. 7. Breeder does not guarantee color, size, championship, fertility, coat type or temperament of any puppy. To Be Covered By This Guarantee, The Following Conditions Need To Apply: Puppy must be owned by original owner named in the agreement and be neutered/spayed by 12 months of age. In the case of sudden demise of puppy, breeder must receive a written notice of puppies death from owner’s veterinarian.

If you haven’t already done so and you are interested in making an application for one of our upcoming puppies please visit our application page and complete our Puppy Application. PLEASE be sure to add to your contact list on your email server.  Several people have stated that they are finding our emails in their spam folder.  I do my best to respond to each email within 12 hours.  If you do not receive an email from me please check your spam folder and if there is nothing there please contact us @ 678-428-0177.​

What’s the next step?

If after reading through this you would like to place a reservation fee on a puppy please give me a call so we can chat for a bit, answer any questions either of us may have and just talk for a few minutes and see if we are a good fit for one another.  :-)


Please let me know if you have any questions. You are welcome to call or email anytime.     678-428-0177

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