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Training & Trained Goldendoodles

Goldendoodle Puppy Breeder in the United States


We are super excited to announce that we have officially partnered with BAXTER & Bella and their exclusive online puppy school, providing pet parents Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY Access to everything needed in order to achieve better animal ownership and experience the very best in canine companionship, including all of their training methods, materials and resources! If you are a dog owner we totally recommend giving them a try and when you enter Discount Code SOUTHERNCOAST at checkout, you will save instantly!

BAXTER & Bella is an online puppy school that is as much about teaching your dog how to act, as it is about coaching you how to train and includes everything needed in order to successfully train your dog to be calm, well mannered and better behaved.  We highly recommend this program if you are not doing outside training with a Professional Trainer.


Enter Discount Code SOUTHERNCOAST at checkout, you will save instantly!


Professional Training Program:


Here at Southern Coast Goldendoodles we were hearing from families that wanted a puppy, but not necessarily all the events which come with getting a new puppy; crate training, leash training, basic commands…

So, we designed a unique training program exclusively for our families, to help puppies make the transition from leaving our home, to going to yours. What we discovered is a puppy introduced to the training process here with our trainer gives them a great foundation for continued training once they are with you.  All training is done by Gina Grimes 770-789-1732.  Please call her to enroll.

Our training program has been so successful that many families are requesting we keep their puppy longer before coming to their home.  All our puppies are raised using our Developmental Puppy Program, and our training programs are designed to continue and further develop their training.

The number of puppies attending prep school at the same time is limited in order to maximize each individual puppy’s time with the trainer. Early enrollment is recommended.

The objective to early socialization and training is  1) To set the puppy up for a lifetime of success and  2) To raise a confident & resilient dog resulting in a happier owner/family!


Training Contents

· Environment

· House Training

· Crate Training

· Handling & Grooming

· Resource Guarding Prevention

· Early Socialization

· Reliable Recall Foundation

· Focused Obedience Training Commands Introduced

Please note: It is not possible for a puppy to be 100% reliably house-trained until they are fully matured, which is approximately 6 to 8 months. Accidents though should be minimal.

All programs include weekly update.  Ongoing vet care, worming, and any required vaccinations while in their care after 8 weeks will be additional paid directly to our vet. 

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